Video Section
  • Video management from the dashboard.

  • Trash mode.

  • New project creation.

Libraries Section
  • Function of libraries.

  • Library management from the dashboard.

  • Trash mode.

Function Buttons
  • Edit button functionality.

  • Scene management in the video.

  • Mapping button functionality.

  • Delivery button functionality.

  • Delete button functionality.

First Steps
How to create a scene
  • New scene creation.

  • Edit mode.

  • Scene management in the library.

  • New library creation.

  • New project creation.

First Steps
Tool Column
  • Function of libraries.

  • New library creation.

  • Introduction to the Palette.

  • Change the palette colors.

  • Standard Palette.

  • Font selection.

  • Upload music.

  • Upload background.

Video Production
  • Mapping explanation.

  • Loading csv or xls.

  • Information management.

  • Linking labels to information.

  • Recovery of generated video.

Making Area
Introducing MA
  • How it is composed

  • Save scene button

  • Exit and Add buttons

  • Scene duration

  • Preview

  • Four levels 

  • Background 

  • Layout

  • Info

  • Transition

Making Area
Background level 
  • Background video from files

  • Backgrounds shorter than scene

  • Background image from files

  • Background video from gallery

  • Background image from gallery

Making Area
Layout level
  • How to insert a layout

  • Frame styles

  • Modify layout

  • How to change the color

Making Area
Info level 
  • Static grid

  • Number of information

  • Insert a text

  • Insert a chart

  • Insert an image

  • Animated grid

  • How to fill an animated grid

Making Area
Transition level
  • How to insert a transition

  • Transition styles

  • Modify a transition

  • How to change the color

Making Area
Saving a scene
  • How to save a scene in library

  • Naming a scene

  • Find it in you library

Making Area
Saving a video
  • How to save a video

  • Total preview button

  • Done button

  • Find it in the dashboard

Making Area
Differences between video and library
  • Scene in a video

  • Scene in a library

  • Add a scene from library to video